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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saudi women get the vote from 2015

The King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah  announced Sunday, September 25, granting women the right to vote and stand in municipal elections, only elections in the country.
"Because we refuse to marginalize women in society (...), we decided, after consulting with scholars and others, to involve women in the Shura Council as members from the next legislature, said the Saudi rulers. Women are always possible in municipal elections for which they will have the right to vote. "
The Shura Council, a consultative body whose members are appointed by the authorities, could therefore also accommodate women. "A balanced modernization in accordance with our Islamic values ​​that defend the rights, is a significant demand in this age where there is more room for the recalcitrant," argued the Saudi ruler.
For the first time that the Saudi woman is granted the right to vote and stand in this ultraconservative kingdom, where only municipal elections are held. They will not until the next partial municipal elections, scheduled for 2015, to be able to attend and vote.
The second municipal elections in the country's history to be held Thursday, during which will be designated for four years half the members of municipal councils, bodies with limited powers. Saudi women can not even participate in this poll.
The defenders of human rights in that country that applies a strict interpretation of Islamic teachings have long advocated similar measures in favor of women.Saudi women still can not fly, drive, work or undergo surgery without the permission of a male member of their family.
Manal Al-Sharif, a Saudi youth activist detained 10 days in May for defending the right for women to drive cars, welcomed the decision "historic." "For the first time, women will be partners in decision making", she further said, adding: "The bottom line is that these decisions are implemented."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Russian elections 2012

Addressing the congress of United Russia, the ruling party, the current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggested that Vladimir Putin, who has held the post twice, comes to the presidential March 4, 2012. "I think it would be good if the Congress supports the candidacy of the party leader, Vladimir Putin, as president of the country," Medvedev said.

Vladimir Putin took the podium to formalize his candidacy and Dmitri Medvedev proposed that lead the list of United Russia in the parliamentary elections of December 4 and was succeeded as prime minister. "I am sure that United Russia will win [the general election of December] and that on the basis of popular support, Dmitri Anatolevitch [Medvedev] will create a new team, young, energetic and efficient, and run the government of Russia" Putin said in front of 11,000 supporters.

Vladimir Putin, former KGB agent in the GDR became a leader in grip, has already served two terms as president. In 2008, he had left his place in the Kremlin to the runner Dmitry Medvedev as the Russian Constitution does not authorize it to seek a third consecutive term.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook launches "Timeline" to expose his life

"The story of your life" is what Facebook can now tell with the "Timeline," assured Mr. Zuckerberg, ie development of a "profile" today where users are presented briefly and communicate their most recent activity on Facebook.

Now the "Timeline" of Facebook can tell "all your stories, all your apps, to express who you are."

Mr. Zuckerberg, who launched the annual conference for Facebook developers, F8, San Francisco (California), made a show of his own "Timeline": it cycles through the years one after the other, with photos those of his dog and his companion, or a child, but also a map of his travels, and various applications to monitor what he has read, watched or listened.

"Timeline shows all your recent activity and, as and when we go back in time, sums up what happened in your life," said Mr Zuckerberg.

This new feature, the user can customize to address the particular level of confidentiality or prioritize the information published will be widespread "in the coming weeks" with more than 750 million users of Facebook, Zuckerberg said.

Adil Taarabt returns to Moroccan Team before the meeting With Tanzania

The national coach of the football Eric Gerets announced for a preliminary list of 34 players, in preparation for the match which will bring the team Moroccan counterpart, Tanzanian on October 9 Stadium Marrakech new (seventh in the evening), draw the sixth round and final of the qualifying African Cup of Nations 2012 in football ( Group D).
Among the most prominent developments campaign this list the player just Taarapt (Koiznz Rangerzalongelaza Park), who had voluntarily left the gathering in Marrakech Moroccan national team 48 hours before the game Moroccan and Algerian elected on June 4 last, which ended in a landslide victory for the Atlas Lions (4-0).
It was also calling for the first time the players Rashid Abu Rabia (Rice Mons, Belgium), Mustafa Kabeer (Kaklaara, Italy) and Osama strange (FUS).
The following is a list of 34 of the player:
Issam pad - Conquest Sports Rabat
Nader Almiaggrey - WAC Sports
Ahmed Mhamdina - Olympique Khouribga
Mustafa Alemrana - Morocco Fassi Sports
Mahdi Almottaga Benatih - Udinese
Joseph Prabh - WAC Sports
Abdul-Hamid Alcauthra - Montpellier France
Job Alkhagay - WAC Sports
Rachid Slimani - Please Sports
Badr Kadora - Celtic Clasgo Alacetktlnde
Michael sees Christian - Bursa Turkish club
Jamal Alolaiwi - Akherittiyat country
Saad Abdul Fattah - WAC Sports
Kharja - Fiorentina Italian
Osama Gharib - Fath Rabat Sports
Younis Bhindh - Montpellier France
Mohammed Prabh - WAC Sports
Rashid Buarbeh - Rick Mons Belgium
Mubarak Boussoufa - Inge Russian
Kamal Cavni - Auxerre
Mohammed Hehani - Arabi
Nabil Dirar - Clip Brugge
Karim Ahmadi Laroussi - Feyenoord Rotterdam
Youssef Hadji - Rennes
Yousif Al-Arabi - Al-Hilal Saudi
Mounir El Hamdaoui - Ajax Amsterdam
Mustafa great - Cagliari Italy Klacio
Chamakh - Arsenal
Noureddine stalls - Kayserispor
Adel al-Shehhi - Efes Colin German
Just Taarapt - Konzzpark Rndz English
Ismail Aissati - Ajax Amsterdam
Ahmed Ojdo - WAC Sports
Osama al-Saidi - Hreinnevin Dutch

Thursday, September 22, 2011

presidential election in France: a candidate in niqab

Kenza Drider, a young activist who wear the niqab for 13 years, announced his candidacy for Meaux, the stronghold of Jean-Francois Cope.

This is an application of provocation. Kenza Drider, a young woman of 32 years bringing the niqab for 13 years, said Thursday morning his candicature in the presidential election. The young woman of Moroccan origin who lives in Avignon, has formalized its commitment during a press conference in Meaux.

An exercise she knows: Kenza Drider is a regular media. Indeed, it is often interviewed for his case - against the law prohibiting the wearing of the veil - and it is the only fully veiled woman to have been heard by the parliamentary commission on the full veil, in December 2009.

The place and date of taking the field were not chosen by chance as Kenza Drider formalized its commitment to the stronghold of Jean-Francois Cope, secretary general of the UMP. "The deputy mayor of the city is responsible for the enlargement of the ban the niqab on the street in violation of European law, said a statement released by the young woman. Freedom in the street, universal heritage of freedom is sacred. "

It is also on Thursday that the court must determine whether Meaux two young women in niqab who offered an "almond cake" at the deputy mayor May 5, 2011 to be verbalized or not.

Kenza Drider is supported by another stranger to publicity stunts: Rachid Nekkaz, founder of Hands off my Constitution and socialist activist. The entrepreneur of 39 years had shown in being a candidate in the 2007 presidential election. He announced to hold 521 sponsorship pledges of mayors of rural communities before a mysterious break-in might destroy his computer and contact information for future sponsors.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The iPhone 5 would be released 4 October

Apple Introduces the iPhone 5 Tuesday, October 4, said today AllThingsD, a blog of the Wall Street Journal, based on "sources close". The presentation will be first carried out by Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs in August to head the company. AllThingsD acknowledges that the date can still be changed to "any time".

5 The iPhone should be sold in the weeks following the presentation. A few days ago, the head of the operator Orange, Stéphane Richard, said to expect to sell the new phone in its stores "around October 15." Some 22 million iPhones next generation will be produced in three months, according to DigiTimes.

Confidences of Apple employees

The release of the iPhone 5 results for several weeks at a frenzied hunt for clues least on the Internet. Sites in China have made ​​several parts that belong to the future Apple phone, while the manufacturer covers Case-Mate has posted inadvertently sized models of the iPhone 5.

According to anonymous secrets from Apple employees delivered the New York Times, the iPhone 5 will be "very different" from its predecessor. It will include the A5 processor seen in the iPad 2 and an 8-megapixel photo sensor. The iPhone should be assisted by a 4 iPhone updated and sold cheaper, and a new range of iPod.

The new iPhone will be faced with a solid array of Android phones, which are steadily gaining market share. Already the majority in sales each month, the system Google has become the most used in France among smartphone owners in July, with a share of use of 28.5% against 26.4% for Apple.

Director General of Al Jazeera, Wadah Khanfar resign

The General Manager of Al Jazeera Network, Wadah Khanfar,  resign from his post he held for 8 full years after the march that spanned 15 years within the Ktdrj Doualebha .. Khanfar was confirmed within the text of his resignation on the assertion that Al Jazeera has sided with the performance, before he adds that this bias has Ram viewers who felt that the product network "does not come from overseas."
The following is the text of the resignation of the Waddah Khanfar also reached by HesPress:
Distinguished colleagues,
Fifteen-year-old was close to expiration since reared screen the island on its audience a powerful striking and distinct, and since the first day made the island the same era and the promise of being an independent logo of opinion and other opinion, and perhaps my media and independence were at the time of antibodies that do not meet, media is the official Arab He had spoiled the image of the press in the minds of the people, and about the media into a tool in the hands of governments, so it was not easy for viewers to believe the island and promised to channel ever.
The days passed, if the island and faithful to its promise, and if regulations Aelovesah of this new creature fights against it stricter, rumors first, and then protested to the government of Qatar, and then targeting the direct correspondent channel and offices, leading to the arrest and the closure of the offices, then in the block reference and confusion on the left, all that The island is on its way past the straight editorial, signed by more harm increased vigor.
When he saw the audience biography of the channel with those in power and influence, and realized that the island had sided with them in Hawkhm old liberation, dignity and liberation, and that the screens belong to their world they are, are not imported from overseas, and a carrier of any political agenda or partisan or ideological, and they believe in giving everyone votes, even those who Adhuha and arrested her children, then and only then they gave their trust.
Our street Arab is not, as he saw the leaders and filling of their associates: populace and populace and a mob and the followers of all the crowed, but is street smart and politically motivated, realizes instinct sound is not aware of the elites and the people of influence, and confidence given by the people of the island was for an earlier awareness and scrutiny, however, will not be our audience companion us we sin, and this is the best guarantee for the continuation of the island on its way and approach, the same approach, which he spent for it Tariq, Rashid and Ali Hassan Jaber, and stayed there to facilitate and Sami in prison for several years, and for them arrested, tortured and beyond many of you.
Distinguished colleagues,
Let me pay tribute on this occasion, each Fellow and Fellow of the people of the island. Without your perseverance and faith in the mission arrived at what we have reached, has arrived today Baknoadtha, offices and institutions and their highly advanced senior Tgbtha preceded by media organizations to exist and before the people's minds and hearts.
On a personal level completed eight years in the management of the institution, having worked closely with people's correspondent in Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq, and Anzera in consciousness since those days, a free press as true are those that place the human at its heart, a lesson learned and learned all the correspondent of the island and all the workers out, which Elite on myself to keep it in the past eight years: newsroom respected independent minds of viewers and cater to the collective awareness of professionalism and responsibility.
Thanks to you and to your suggestions and encouragement that moved the island in recent years from two channels to a network of channels, more than twenty-five, and broadcast in Arabic and English and soon in Turkish, Swahili and the language of the people of the Balkans, and you are you who contributed in the construction of institutional structure modern and well-established, respected employees and provided them what they deserve, then Abjahdkm hard work we managed to get broadcast network to hundreds of millions around the world, including the United States, which accused the minister of defense of the former island as false and evil, which returned the Foreign Minister of management present to pay tribute to covered and described as offering news, the fact ... Not discouraged by the first description of the determination of the island, was the last adjective Agrha, the island is the island was not changed not changed.
They Jazeera reporters Almenbthon in the corners of the earth and its journalists and producers whose news anchors and all employees of the feet of the world cover the amazing events of the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza and Mogadishu, who are transfer of the first images of the tsunami and the famine in Niger, and many others, This year, if you were surprised the world and move their eyes and hearts to the fields of editing and the change from Sidi Bouzid to bridge the vacancy, in the revolution of Arab youth line where the highest and noblest of our generation lived through the epic, is still paying off all the time, past its zenith: pride, honor and Anataca from the shackles of tyranny and dictatorship idols.
I was lucky in the years of my eight years that I sat governing bodies of the island's relationship with an excellent work, and it was the experience of President of the Council, His Excellency, brother, Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani, and the correct view and cream creation and spaciousness of his chest, and to support the island and its employees, impact-term stability of the institution and its growth and stability on the trail free media.
What was the island to achieve what has not for the care accorded by the Qatar people and leadership of the island, it has endured in order to maintain the independence of the island's serious harm, however, continued to Qatar in support commendable is not a favor, and stood by the workers in the organization as befits cream creation Qatar and her family.
Because the island's strong Bmenhjha, fixed affiliation of their children, embedded in its institutions, guarded consciously viewers, do not change an employee or director, and because eight years of administrative work enough to offer what the leader of the bid, and that the interests of institutions as is the interests of the States, you need to handle and punish , opened to new insights, and Astjlaba for creative ideas, I had talked with the President of the Board of Directors since the time of my desire to retire management at the end of eight years, and understand the commendable desire this, here I am, today, I spend from my position to field another new, inspired by the spirit of the island and see them, and convey what you get me the experience and expertise, continues to defend the free media fair, Mnavha for Ethics and its Charter, proud of what forget you all, grateful to the public the island who loved us and Ahbbnah, which was inspiring for me to move forward despite all the pressures and difficulties .
And congratulate the new Director General and wished him every success in the leadership of the institution and move it toward broader horizons, and all of your cooperation with the island will be God's will has always been a beacon of free media.
May peace and God's mercy and blessings.
Brother / Waddah Khanfar

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reunion: a surfer attacked by a shark

A 38 year old surfer was reported missing after being attacked by a shark Monday, September 19, 2011. This is the fourth shark attack on Reunion Island since the beginning of 2011 and the second fatal, according to the prefecture.

It was in the middle of the afternoon while the victim, responsible for a surf school, was in the water with other surfers, despite the presence of a red flag indicating the prohibition of swimming.

The Prefect of Reunion Michel Lalande announced emergency measures to prevent further attacks: prohibition of swimming, request samples of dangerous sharks and unprotected, such as tiger sharks, mako and bull).

Palestinians and Israelis negotiate with in United Nations before the consideration of the application for recognition

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was "concerned" Monday, September 19 with a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly this week in New York. "I call on the President of the Palestinian Authority to open direct negotiations in New York who will then continue to Jerusalem and Ramallah" in the West Bank, he said in a statement.
Benjamin Netanyahu is expected Tuesday in New York to express the "truth" of Israel against the claim for membership of a Palestinian state at the UN. The Israeli government opposes this "unilateral initiative", believing that a Palestinian state can be created as part of a peace agreement with the Jewish state. Mr. Netanyahu is scheduled to meet Wednesday with U.S. President, Barack Obama, who shares this position and to speak Friday at the rostrum of the UN General Assembly the same day that the Palestinian president.
President Barack Obama arrived Monday afternoon in New York. The chief U.S. diplomat gave assurances that the United States are engaged in an effort to "very intensive diplomacy" to try to avoid a confrontation Friday. "The only way to a two-state solution, we support and want to see succeed, is that of negotiations," reiterated Hillary Clinton, who is scheduled to meet during the day with Catherine Ashton, the representative of the diplomacy of the European Union.
Mahmoud Abbas, who arrived earlier today in New York, confirmed to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's intention to seek membership of Palestine. "The secretary general reiterated his support for a two-state solution and stressed his desire to ensure that the international community and both sides can find a breakthrough to resume negotiations in a legitimate and balanced," said spokesperson for Mr Ban, Martin Nesirky, after the meeting.
Mr. Ban spoke with President Abbas of the ongoing efforts of the Quartet of Middle East (USA, EU, UN, Russia) on the subject, still Nesirky said. "President Abbas has underlined its commitment to a negotiated solution."When he arrived at dawn, the Palestinian president had told the press that the Palestinian people and its leadership expected a "difficult situation" after the application for membership of a Palestinian state that he intends to present the September 23. He also called on Israel to "recognize a Palestinian state" and not "pass up the opportunity for peace."
The Palestinian president said on Friday he would present the application for membership of a State of Palestine to the UN to be submitted to the Security Council. Israel rejected the announcement, the Office of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, saying in a brief statement that "peace will come about not [it] not by a unilateral approach to the UN."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Aruna Kone: Real Madrid always find any excuse to justify the defeat

Confirmed striker Levante, Aruna Kone, the owner of the winning goal against Real Madrid on Sunday in the fourth round of the Spanish league, the club "White always find any excuse to justify the defeat."

Kone said "there are always going to be arguments, I do not know why. When you lose, there must be a pretext. Expulsion of Sami Khedira was the verdict can not discuss it"

The player "sent off Khedira helped us to win, but he issued a decision of the referee, the coach has assured us that we focus and think positively for the win. The victory was very important for us for the future."

And on its goal in the range of Iker Casillas said yesterday "It's the most important goal in my life. I almost did not play during the past two seasons, in addition to that he came in one of the best team in the world."

The Real Madrid did not take advantage of the faltering Barcelona in the third week draw against Real Sociedad 2-2, to fall into the following week in the trap of defeat, retreat position in the table of La Liga to the fifth with six points behind Valencia and Real Betis (9 points), Barcelona and Seville (7 points).